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What is Clear Crossing Academy?

Clear Crossing Academy brings together professionals in the first decades of their career to build practices and habits that are important to us and are nearly impossible to do on our own. 💼

We do this so that we can tell better stories, understand and foster culture, and ultimately become better leaders.

We are a new kind of private, online learning resource. 

Bite-sized learning programs are naturally combined with an organic environment of discussion, discovery, co-creativity and networking. It looks and feels like social media, without all the ads and distractions.

Here's an example of a Knowledge Library update within our School of Storytelling:

Our focus areas

Our programs and social networks are based around three components: leadership, culture and storytelling. While each topic is important on its own, all three work together in surprisingly profound ways.


No matter your title or position, leadership is much more a quality of character than a designation. In order to inspire, guide and grow your team, you must understand emotional intelligence, empathy and the psychology of peer-to-peer interactions. 


Many organizations claim they have it, but does anyone know how to actually create it? A strong workplace culture acts more like the weather than a collection of planned group exercises. Both top-down and bottom-up pressure can affect culture. Our job is to show you how and when to use your power to influence it. 


Humans have used stories to shape society well before any modern inventions, and we continue to do so today. Too often believed to be locked away in the creative and entertainment worlds, storytelling is critical tool for any professional seeking to change attitudes and behaviours, including their own.


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